eVRE: a solution for easier Collaboration within Research Communities


e-VRE provides a comfortable homogeneous interface for users by virtualising access to the heterogeneous datasets, software services, resources of the e-RIs and also provides collaboration/communication facilities for users to improve research communication.  Finally it provides access to research management /administrative facilities so that the end-user has a complete research environment.

eVRE technical architecture

An approach based on Microservices has been chosen. As a result, the building blocks of the Technical Architecture are autonomous services cooperating with each other to implement the functional areas.



Canonical Reference Prototype

implementing the whole architecture released

GUI Design

The graphical user interface is provided through the “VRE4EIC Metadata Portal”, the design of which is still under development. This portal aims at capturing all user requirements through a generic use case scenario by offering an easy to use UI environment, allowing end users to take advantage of the Node and Metadata Service.

The portal will be accessed through the web using any modern web browser that supports HTML5


VRE4EIC Metadata portal


The detailed specification of the interfaces of the components can be found in VRE4EIC D3.1 Architecture design 2016

The description of the Building Blocks is available in VRE4EIC D3.3

The source code is released under the Apache License, Version 2.0 [ALv2]




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