eVRE: a solution for easier Collaboration within Research Communities

About eVRE

e-VRE stands for enhanced VRE and proposes a reference architecture structured along three logical tiers:

  • The Application tier: functions to manage and expand the system.
  • The Interoperability tier: functions to discover and use resources, to publish functionalities and enable applications to interact with each other.
  • The Resource Access tier: functions to enable e-VRE components to interact with resources.

eVRE Key features

  • Rich use-case and requirement collection and analysis from existing RIs and VREs
  • Domain independent, 3-tier Reference Architecture for new VREs and an evolutionary target for existing VREs
  • Micro-service based Technical Architecture for easy adoption of specific components
  • Scalability and cross-RI interoperability by Design
  • Trust, Security and Privacy aware
  • Rich RI-Resource data model for widest adoption with matching from the main used standards of metadata models
  • Existing VREs enhancement show case
  • Open source

The origin of eVRE

The e-VRE platform has been designed and developed by a consortium of 8 members within the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation action VRE4EIC, under the leadership of ERCIM

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