Ordinal Pepe Smashes Records, Raises $906K in ETH on PinkSale!

• Ordinal Pepe ($OPEPE) has surpassed ETH records on PinkSale with a presale total of 498.84 ETH, the equivalent of approximately $906,000.
• The overwhelming support for the project has created a market capitalization of $1,740,953 and Ordinal Pepe will be released on Uniswap on Tuesday, May 23rd at 4 pm UTC.
• In addition to their commitment to transparency and security demonstrated by locking liquidity for 365 days and renouncing their contract, Ordinal Pepe is also in negotiations with various exchanges for future listings.

Ordinal Pepe Shatters ETH Records With Monumental Presale

Ordinal Pepe ($OPEPE) has achieved an unprecedented success with its presale launch on PinkSale, raising an astonishing total of 498.84 ETH – equivalent to approximately $906,000. This groundbreaking achievement has positioned $OPEPE as the undisputed leader in PinkSale Fair Launches and established an impressive market capitalization of $1,740,953.

Launch Date Set for Tuesday, May 23rd at 4 PM UTC

The highly anticipated launch date for Ordinal Pepe is set for Tuesday, May 23rd at 4 pm UTC. This event marks a significant milestone in the evolution of the crypto space as it will be the first time that a Pepe token is launched on BTC blockchain. On launch day users can acquire tokens through Uniswap exchange seamlessly and get involved in this pioneering movement from day one.

Commitment to Transparency & Security

The team behind Ordinal Pepe shows a clear commitment to transparency and security by opting to lock liquidity for 365 days after launch as well as renouncing their contract which further solidifies decentralization efforts within the project structure.

Exchange Listing Negotiations Underway

In addition to launching on Uniswap exchange on launch day, negotiations are currently underway between Ordinal Pepe’s team and several prominent exchanges regarding listing opportunities following the initial release date – allowing users access to new opportunities for growth worldwide once these partnerships are established.

Learn More About Ordinal Pepe & Join The Revolution

To learn more about Ordinal Pepe ($OPEPE) and its mission visit https://ordinalpepe.io/. Don’t miss out on this monumental event when it takes flight next Tuesday at 4 pm UTC!

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